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Construction stopped at 179 High St because the contractor was in millions of debt

The accommodation is still advertised for September 2020

It has been revealed that Marcus Worthington, the contractors who went into administration whilst completing University of Lincoln accommodation, 179 High Street, now face £23 million worth of debt.

Sources from Construction Enquirer have revealed that the Preston based contractors now owe £23 million to HMRC, employees, and unsecured creditors.

Marcus Worthington have blamed "current economic uncertainty" for their downfall which lead to them struggling to secure additional funding from bank lenders.

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The contractors were sent packing from the 179 site last month

Students at the University of Lincoln faced major disappointment in early September after plans for the completion 179 High Street were delayed.

Those wishing to live there were placed in temporary accommodation, or were left to find homes elsewhere, homes which didn’t match the standard or pricing of 179.

However, the accommodation is still advertised as an option for students arriving in September next year.

When questioned, the University of Lincoln Accommodation Services told the Lincoln Tab: "179 High Street will be in the application system for year 2020. All information we have received indicates the building will be ready for a September intake."

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Many were left uncertain of where they were going to live

Before the contractors went into administration, students from the University protested after they were told they would not be able to move in as the building would not be completed in time.

Those affected were only compensated with three weeks rent and up to £450 in SU credit.

During the protest outside of the accommodation offices, students held hands, chanted, and made post it note signs in windows that read "RIP 179".

The University of Lincoln Accommodation Services sent an email to the students at the time saying: "We have today been informed by the developer of 179 High Street that this accommodation will not be ready for you to move into in the near future.

"We do not anticipate any of the rooms at 179 High Street being available until the next calendar year (2020)."