These are the halls that recycle at Lincoln uni

Or at least try to

With the University of Lincoln declaring a climate emergency In May 2019, The Lincoln Tab have been looking into ways we can live in a more environmentally friendly way.

The University of Lincoln Environment and Sustainability team told us that they are "actively working towards becoming a more sustainable institution."

So we decided to look into which accommodation provides the best and the worst recycling opportunities across our most popular halls.

Lincoln Courts

Lincoln Courts provides the full opportunity for students to recycle by offering recycling bins towards the end of the accommodation.

One resident told the Lincoln Tab: "I feel really compelled to recycle with them there, but I would rather have a recycling bin inside our flat as well.

"Having the bins outside complicates recycling a little bit because we have to sort all our rubbish in our bin ourselves."

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Cygnet Wharf

Cygnet has multiple recycling points and also provides residents with recyclable bin bags from the uni accommodation services.

However, current resident Kornél Juhász says there could be improvements: "Maybe they should offer separate bottle bins or paper bins so you know your recycling is going in the right place."

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As one of the largest student accommodations in Lincoln with over 1,300 rooms available, Pavs is limited in their provision of recycling facilities.

One resident told The Lincoln Tab: "There isn't any clear information for recycling, there might've been recycling bins but we weren't told about them."

When contacted, Pavilions said: "There are two recycling points with some bins for mixed recycling."

They however did openly agree that their recycling provisions were very limited.

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Home to upwards of 500 students, there is also only a single bin for recycling.

The Junxion

With over 500 residents, the accommodation only offers a single recycling bin.

A sign in the reception suggests they provide blue recycling bins for mixed recycling, but Caitlin Beck who currently lives there told us she has not seen a single blue bin: "I would love to recycle, I just don't really feel like they give us the opportunity to.

"I have no clue where this blue bin is and they've never even mentioned recycling to us."

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Danesgate House

One Danesgate resident reached out to express their disappointment in the facilities provided for them, remarking that all waste goes into one bin.

Speaking to Lincoln The Tab, Amy Pilling said: "It's ridiculous that we aren't given the facilities needed to do what we can as an individual to help the environment, especially given the state of the climate right now.

"All rubbish goes into the same bins and reception told me it gets separated as best as it can at the depot."

Hayes Wharf

Hayes Wharf provided very little information on their recycling facilities.

One resident felt disappointed by the facilities on offer and says recycling is not enforced: "No-one follows it and just puts their rubbish in the same bin.

"You basically just have to put your recycling wherever you can."

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So do these issues with recycling facilities lie within the accommodations themselves or the residents? Potentially, it's both

The Lincoln Tab chatted to Emma Kate Cole from the Universities E.C.O. society who said: "People simply lack the knowledge of what is and isn't recycled.

"I think raising awareness or maybe leaving leaflets for people moving in would be a good way to put information across."

You can find more information about on campus recycling facilities here.