We spoke to the Lincoln students at today’s climate strike protest

Up to 100 joined the strike

Today, students and the local community joined together on Lincoln High Street to take part in the Global Climate Strike.

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It took place from 11am on the High Street

Up to 100 protesters gathered in the centre of the High Street outside of Primark from 11am. Students from the University of Lincoln attended after meeting up outside The Swan.

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Leaflet for Lincoln students joining the strike

The Lincoln Tab spoke to two students at the protest, one had even missed a lecture that only occurs once a year!

Thomas, a Masters student studying Gender Studies told The Lincoln Tab: "I'm angry, frankly. I'm seeing late-stage capitalism come in and break our world one piece at a time with over consumption, over use and a destruction of the environment where we're supposed to live".

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Thomas, Master's student studying Gender Studies

When asked if he was pleased about the turnout at the event, Thomas told us: "I'm ecstatic really. I was worried it would be a few angry young people but I'm really happy to see it's diverse in age, in gender identity and in race."

We also asked if he'd missed any lectures, to which he laughed and said: "Yep! It was an annual lecture which we only get to do once a year, it's a special lecture with the Criminology department which is completely up my alley, but I'm here instead and I'm not regretting it in the slightest."

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Do it for David!!!

We also spoke to Riley, a third year English student. They told The Lincoln Tab: "I'm here today because its a necessary effort. I'm here because we need to start getting busy, we need to start getting angry. We are going to face massive amounts of emissions, pollution"

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Riley, a third year English student

When asked about the turnout of the event, Riley told The Lincoln Tab: "It's bloody amazing!"

An organising meeting will be held on Sunday 22nd September at The Swan for UoL students and beyond who want to 'get active' about climate change.