Everything you’re missing about Lincoln over summer

Wednesdays are not the same without Quack

So you're back home from uni and probably working a painful job to earn some extra cash.

If you live in a quiet village there's literally nothing to do apart from go for walks, and if you live in a busier area you're so skint you can't do anything fun anyway.

We all know that even though you're broke, living in questionable accomodation and choosing between eating or a night out, uni is the actual best.

So to make you miss uni even more, here are the top things at Lincoln uni that you're probably missing like crazy right now.

£2 doubles on a Tuesday

Nowhere will ever be as cheap as a Tuesday night in Lincoln. You can literally take a tenner out and still be drunk enough to dance round the pole in The Scene at 4am.

To top it all off, you feel extra rebellious because it's a weekday and normal people would be going to work in a few hours.

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Quack Quack Quack!

Obviously the best student night in Lincoln. It's cheap, the music is so bad it's good and literally everyone goes.

Pres will always be lit and you manage to convince those who have a 9am the next day to come every week.

Not mention that Quacktails are the most godly thing to ever exist. £3 for a pint of alcoholic juice is just an unbeatable offer.

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Going to The Swan for one drink and ending up at Keller

Someone from your course or in the squad group chat will suggest meeting in The Swan after your day at uni. Next thing you know, you've got a stein in each hand and you're screaming Chelsea Dagger at the top of your lungs. Life is good.

Sneaking a literal banquet into the library

It's the most thrilling part of your week. Will I get these two pizzas and large Big Mac meal past reception?

Being able to wear anything you want on a night out

Trainers? No problem. Jeans? No problem? Dressed in a bin bag? Absolutely no problem.

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Getting Maccies delivered when you're hungover

You will be answering the door in your dressing gown with last nights makeup still on, but everyone is in the same boat so no one is going to judge you.

I'll have everything on the menu, thanks.

Slagging off the new bridge every time you walk past it

It's still funny every single time. What were they thinking?