Two Lincoln students have teamed up with McDonald’s to help feed the homeless

Rope Walk Maccies sends your free burgers to a local homeless shelter

Two Lincoln students have introduced a campaign where you can donate your free McDonald's cheeseburgers to the homeless in Lincoln.

22-year-old Creative Advertising students, Lucy Cameron and Zera Mohamad, created the campaign as part of a module that challenged them to find a creative solution to a problem.

The campaign allows any free student cheeseburger or mayo chicken claimed with a valid student card to be sent to The Nomad Trust on Monks Road, who offer welfare services to people who are homeless.

Lucy and Zera told the Lincoln Tab: "As students we get given loads of free stuff, which gives us the power to make a change."

"The people at McDonald's have really got behind the campaign and are asking students if they'd like to make a McDeed with their orders."

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Posters appeared on Lincoln University campus last week

As part of the campaign named "McDeed", students can choose to leave a note on their donation, which will be distributed to people in Lincoln who are using The Nomad Trust emergency night shelter.

The Nomad Trust, a Christian registered charity, provides welfare services in the City of Lincoln for those who are homeless or otherwise in need.

They uphold the worth and dignity of all individuals and asserts that everyone should have the basic essentials of life, not least companionship.

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Zera (left) and Lucy (right) were behind the campaign

McDeed is currently only available at the McDonald's on Rope Walk, Lincoln until 4 June 2019, so get donating today!