Here’s why you should go to Clash of Codes next week

The annual Rugby League v Rugby Union event is on next Friday, and it’s going to be carnage as always…

Every year, Lincoln uni's two rugby teams join together for a battle of who is the superior sporting society.

Sponsored by The Superbull and Walkabout and attracting over 300 spectators last year, half of the game is played with Union rules, and half played with League rules. All topped off with a huge afterparty at Superbull, (of course).

Tickets are £7, which includes the coach to the game, Walkabout pre's and the afterparty at Bull.

If that isn't enough, we spoke to both teams, and came up with these top reasons why you should attend on Friday 5th…

1) You can actually watch a decent game of sport

Whether you know anything about rugby or not, spectating this game will be nothing short of exciting.

The lads work all year round for this event, so expect high energy and competitive spirit that will be entertaining to watch from start to finish.

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2) Afters are at Superbull, and you were probably going there anyway

Let's face it, there is no better way to start the weekend than stupidly cheap vodka and three floors of music…

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3) You will be supporting University societies

If you're in a society or know someone who is, you know how important it is to get people to come to your events.

Show other societies support, and you can expect it in return.

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4) Lads in shorts, playing sports (if that's your thing)

Some people like seeing muscular blokes getting muddy and wrestling each other…even if that's not your thing, it might be after this.

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5) You can start early and drink on the coach

It's Friday, treat yourself!

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Online tickets are available here, and are also available at Pavs Costcutter and Junxion Reception.

Paper tickets can be brought by messaging any Rugby League of Union player.