Racist messages graffitied on Lincoln uni campus stairs

The university have since removed the graffiti and say that racism and hate will not be tolerated

A post by a student on the Facebook group 'Overheard at Lincoln' earlier today, stated that they had found racist graffiti on campus this morning.

Naomi Ngondi wrote: "So I’ve woken up on this blessed Monday morning to find out that some bigot vandalised the stairs between the MHT and Stephen Langton building with a racial slur.

"The lame excuse of not having seen the perpetrator is tired and boring, the university has on campus security as well as cameras."

Since the incident, the University of Lincoln have sent an email to all staff and students.

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The email says that the graffiti has now been removed and is being investigated

Professor Mary Stuart, Vice Chancellor stated in the email: "All of us have a role in combating bias and bullying as a means to stop discrimination, and I ask all of you to join together and to be vigilant and proactive in reporting suspicious or inappropriate behaviour.

"Only by uniting against discrimination can we support on another.

"Anyone who is a victim of hate or bullying or who feel affected by these matters should contact Student Services."

If you have any more information about the incident, please contact The Tab Lincoln on Facebook.