It’s your time to nominate for Lincoln’s BNOC of 2019

Who’s the Biggest Name on Campus?

Election season has rounded off and we welcome in our new Student Leaders (Goodbye Kudz, it was nice knowing you!), everyone's working on dissertations and deadlines anywhere BUT the library because it's so rammed and everyone is just a little fed up.

Well, The Tab Lincoln team are here to spice up your March Misery with a competition bearing the prize of nothing but glory of knowing that you are the SHIT in Lincoln.

Welcome to The Tab's 'Biggest Name on Campus' awards (or BNOC for short). Do you know someone who you constantly see dotted about University? Someone who goes over and above for charity? Always active on social media or out every. single. damn. Friday? If you think someone is a big name, nominate them right here!

Nominations close on the 19th of March 2019