Lincoln SU blames decrease in ‘night-time economy’ for Anthem club night going from weekly to monthly

They claim that they are are adapting to student cultures.

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Lincoln SU have blamed a decrease in 'night-time' economy for Anthem switching from weekly to monthly, and said they'll be adding new events to the platinum cards to satisfy students who forked out £140.

Anthem took to Twitter and Facebook on Tuesday 13th November to announce that their replacement for Propaganda is now going to be taking place once a month after only running since September.

Big news set off an ever bigger fuse in the form of angry students

The news did not come lightly to students, even though the event has been slated for its attendance in the past few weeks.

Lincoln SU have since responded to the prevailing outrage, saying: "In efforts to adapt to changing student cultures, Lincoln Students’ Union has recognised the need to review the offering it provides.

"It’s been noticed on a national scale how the night-time economy has been reduced in recent years (in a recent independent survey, only 22 per cent of students put 'going clubbing' in their top three activities enjoyed with friends), with people going out on nights out much less on average.

"Following student feedback stating people go out once every few weeks, it was felt a monthly event would sit better in the current environment."

A post on popular Facebook group 'Overheard at Lincoln' last week

Those mostly affected by the news were the people who have purchased platinum cards that advertise entry to four club nights a week (including Anthem). The card costs £140 annually and students were not happy that they were now losing value for money.

A student that would like to remain anonymous has told us that a comment he posted on Anthem's Facebook page was deleted by the club night shortly after.

Responding to concerns from students in relation to platinum cards, the SU have said: "Lincoln Students’ Union will be looking to add additional & more diverse events into the Entertainments programme. Whilst refunds won’t be issued for Platinum Cards, this will result in new events being added into the card’s offering, to allow for even more savings throughout the year for those students who purchased one.

"Lincoln Students’ Union is committed to delivering a quality and varied entertainments programme, as part of the Union’s commercial services, of which all profits are reinvested back into Student Union services."

President of the Students' Union, Kudzai Muzangaza has also responded to the comments, telling The Lincoln Tab: "Feedback for Anthem has been very positive, but changes in drinking cultures have meant less people are generally going out, and when you have a venue the size of Engine Shed, it’s noticeable.

"For me, having been to every Anthem except for one, the experience and production is beyond anything else being offered in the city centre, therefore it’s regrettable that students are not taking advantage of it.”

He responded on social media on the day of the announcement

When the SU transitioned from Propaganda to Anthem, there was poor feedback not just aimed at the SU, but also disappointment that Propaganda was moving to city centre venue, Moka Nightclub.

We asked the SU if they had any comments about the transition and whether they regret their decision, they responded with: "With regards to Propaganda, whilst we have no regrets about the decision made, we wouldn’t comment on another business I’m afraid."

In light of the situation, other students took a humorous approach and did what they do best: make memes and post them on a public meme page dedicated to the University of Lincoln.

All we know now is that we have a barge yet to have a purpose and Saturday nights are dead (Apart from No Entry and Propaganda!).

Here's to the new year!