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Someone literally took a dump in one of Cygnet Wharf’s lifts

You couldn’t even make it up

On the night of Sunday 30 September, freshers living in Cygnet Wharf were horrified to find a shit when they tried to get in the lift.

Someone actually did their business in one of C block's two lifts and to be honest, it's quite hilarious.

Sian Hazelgrove, a media production fresher who lives in Cygnet Wharf, experienced security entering her flat to ensure the building was safe.

"I was half asleep on the sofa at about 1:30 am and I saw a figure of a grown man standing on the other side of the kitchen door," she told The Lincoln Tab.

"He waved, lingered and then walked away never been so startled I thought I was still drunk or dreaming. I'm being dramatic but it was still creepy as fuck."

After hearing gossip, Alison Cromarty, a journalism fresher, decided to investigate with three friends. "Sure enough it was there. We asked accommodation who it could have been and apparently a homeless person broke in," she told The Lincoln Tab. "All the halls had to be checked by security which was mad. "

Of all places, why the lift? There's many other places, some bushes, a bin (which has already happened in some Manchester halls), the possibilities are endless, but a lift?

We asked Kudzai, the SU President, for a statement and he's on the level of 'nope' that we are.

Hopefully this was a one-off case, if it happens again, Cygnet Wharf may have a serial shitter on their hands. What if its the swans?

The University of Lincoln have been approached for a comment.

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