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This is what the Love Island contestants would be if they were meal deals

Megan is obvs the Naked smoothie


Ever wondered what the Love Island contestants would be as meal deals? No, me neither. But you're about to find out.

Love Island 2018 has been an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish. Adam stealing Kendall from Niall, then dumping her for Rosie, cracking on with Zara, a brief stint with Darylle before being dumped from the island, Hayley failing to complement her good looks with a strong enough personality or genuine interest in others to keep Eyal and Charlie interested, Megan flitting between Alex, Eyal, Wes, Alex, Dean, back to Alex, and back to Wes again, and Georgia failing to be as loyal as she makes out: it's safe to say it's been a ride.

So now we're in week six, we've seen clashing personalities, true colours, and fake loyalties emerge. We did starter packs, but now we can finally accurately reveal what our Islanders personalities as meal deals.

Old Jack

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Jack loves a cheese toasty, but due to the constraints of a meal deal, the next best thing is the Cheese Triple (which would obviously be shared with Dani). Because he's happily coupled up and never has his head turned, he's always there with the popcorn watching everyone else's drama explode.

Dani Dyer

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As one of the only non-members of the Do Bits Society, Dani would be an Innocent Smoothie. After sharing a Cheese Triple with Jack, she'd be the classic reliable Skips. You always know where you stand with them, and they never let you down.


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Wes has big dick energy, so you can expect his meal deal to be just as confident as him. We can just picture him cracking open a tinny of coke and eating a Ploughman's while launching Operation Get Wes A Ting: Part II.


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Megan is the most popular girl in the villa, so it makes sense for her to be the most popular meal deal. She also gives off major Naked smoothie vibes, and something about her shy but outrageous flirting screams Sweet Chilli Sensations.


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Laura is a bit of a killjoy. Instead of just having a packet of crisps like a normal person, her snack of choice would be a Bounty. In true Scottish nature, she's an Irn Bru girl.

New Jack

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New Jack is edgy fit, and he knows it. Straight up, self assured, and sexy, he oozes confidence even cooler than Original Lucozade.


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Georgia is loyal, babe, so she'd stick with meal deal favourites BLT and Walkers Ready Salted crisps. But even if she does remind you she's loyal four times a day, she'd still always stray, whether it's for a kiss with New Jack or non-meal deal option choccie milk.


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Sam is one of the biggest Tories of Love Island, so of course his meal deal includes a San Pellegrino. He accompanies the Tory drink with a bag of Kettle Chips and a Chicken Caesar wrap to seem like a man of the people, but mostly so he can save £1.50 and post inspirational "work hard, play harder" captions on Insta.


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Josh is very cool, very tasty, and an all round great package (if you forget about him leaving Georgia for Kaz). Like the high-calorie count in Kettle Chips, he's probably bad for you, but Josh's laid-back sexy vibes mean you go for him anyway.


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Kaz definitely eats kale and spends money on yoga retreats in Bali. She'd get the ultimate healthy meal deal and make you feel bad for picking a BLT and a Mars bar.

Dr Alex

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Alex is lovely and trustworthy, but he's most memorably sauceless. Like a packet of Salt & Vinegar crisps, he tries to spice things up, but ultimately it has the same sex appeal as a wet sock. And after too long in the sun, he starts to resemble a ham sandwick.


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Alexandra, sexy and thicc, described herself as having a wild side. She's a Roast Chicken & Stuffing sandwich, with some spicy Sweet Chilli Sunbites, and a Tropicana to keep things exotic.

Ellie and Charlie

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Ellie and Charlie are soon to be among the most forgettable Islanders. Both painfully dull, they also resemble identical twins more than a couple, so we've given them the same, basic meal deal trio.


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Like an Egg & Cress sandwich and a Ribena on a hot day, Idris makes you want to run a mile into the nearest lake. He's a bit weird and creepy, yet for some unknown reasons, attractive to some.


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Kieran is like those weird meal deal options that no one really wants, but doesn't take the hint and is still consistently stocked anyway. A few people probably go for a Prawn Mayo and some Quavers occasionally, but it's not their first choice.