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BREAKING: Man tasered by armed police outside Lincoln Uni library

He was arrested on behalf of Nottinghamshire Police

A man has been tasered to the ground by police outside the Lincoln University library.

At least six police officers, plus a dog, were seen surrounding the man just after midday.

According to reports from students, people were performing outside of the LPAC building were told to stop and evacuate, whilst students in the library were not allowed to leave.

Jasmine Ahad, a third year Pharmaceutical Science student, was in the library at the time. "I was on the silent floor and I could hear a dog barking," she told The Tab Lincoln.

Students in the library were panicked and trying to see what was happening, says Jasmine. "People were moving towards the windows, everyone was frantic, but because we were on the silent floor it was silent frantic," she said.

"I was a bit scared, but I'm okay, just a bit uneasy" Jasmine added.

Watch the video below to see the incident:

Following a wave of bomb threats being sent to multiple schools across Lincolnshire – with at least nine schools were targeted this last month, and around 400 UK schools in total were sent malicious emails, stating that "an explosive device" had been planted at their school and that it will be detonated if their demands weren't followed – speculation arose over whether this was related.

However, Lincoln University confirmed to The Tab Lincoln that whilst an arrest had been made, no bomb was present.

Lincolnshire Police confirmed that an operation had taken place, and said that "a man, aged 25, has been arrested on behalf of Nottinghamshire Police.'

Updates to follow.