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Railway footbridge outside Engine Shed to be named ‘Mr Gilbert Bridge’

‘Goodbye first rate education, hello University of Lincoln’

Lincolnshire County Council has announced plans to name the proposed footbridge which is set to be built outside of The Engine Shed.

After a substantial donation from a mystery donor and consultation with the university, it has been confirmed that the bridge will be named the "Mr Gilbert Bridge", after the Inbetweeners character who made the infamous remarks about Lincoln University.

Announced in November 2017, the new bridge will cut the waiting time at the crossing and will make the area much safer for students and will also be seen from both Tower Bar and the Library

As the bridge will make crossing onto campus much easier, Councillor Robert Parr said: "We felt the University staff should have the honour of naming the new bridge."

Staff from all departments came together to debate the new name of the bridge. As it will be at the heart of campus, it was felt by many that the name should reflect Lincoln. Within the past three years, the Sarah Swift and Isaac Newton buildings have been named after famous Lincolnshire icons and the bridge will be no different.

The spokesperson for staff at the university, Jennifer Honey, said: "after much deliberation, the staff have decided upon a name that we think represents Lincoln’s excellent academic standards.

"The bridge will be named after Philip Gilbert who pioneered education in the city, and had nothing but praise for the university."

The Mr Gilbert bridge will open in April 2019, along with a plaque stating "Goodbye first rate education, hello University of Lincoln", which reflect his thoughts about the university.

Check the date…Happy April Fools.