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A run-down of the candidates who want to run YOUR Student’s Union

It is election week, so here’s a simple guide to who is running for what next year

For the democratic process to work, it is imperative that you vote to make your voice heard at the University. Voting closes at 2pm on Friday the 23rd, so get your skates on!

It takes less than 5 minutes if you know who you're voting for, so figure it out here:

President of the SU

Kudzai Muzangaza

Kudzai is running for re-election this year, here are his key manifesto points:

-SUggestions. The platform has shown that students are keen to see improvements on campus. My aim last year was to see 100 SUggestions submitted and we have surpassed that number!

-Facilitating an ethos of campaigning. The Students' Union has, this year, established the Campaigns Network. Whilst still in its infancy we have an opportunity to capitalise on the potential impact this initiative can have on the student experience at Lincoln.

-Representing you. This year we have delved deeper into understanding our membership.

'I have had the pleasure of representing students here at the University of Lincoln and leading the Union that champions the success of all students here at the university.'

Justice Tenna Ogbaburu

Key manifesto points:

-To increase awareness of the SU, societies and available volunteering opportunities, and increase volunteering hours from 15,000 to 17,000 hours a year
-To create equal opportunity for all students
-To create the reputation of the students’ union throughout Lincolnshire
-To keep students informed and updated of any issues and activities going on within the campus
-To raise funds for third year students dissertation binding

'I have a good team spirit and my leadership skills will enable us a student body to produce transformational results.'

Vice President Academic Affairs

Jack Frederick Dos Reis Silva

Key manifesto points:

-Development of School Action Days. This has just been introduced and it is a great way for students to have their say on their course and what needs to improve.
-A Student Rep Evaluation System. A course rep is the best way to have the student voice heard and if that course rep is not fulfilling their role, they should not have the role
-Personalised School Websites for Student Resources. Many schools currently have a website but I plan to have them more personalised.

Connor James Roberts

Key manifesto points:

-Creating a University of Lincoln app, this would allow us to access key blackboard, library and SU features in one convenient location
-Improving our rep system so that they might better deliver help to students during their studies.
-Improving social learning space around campus for schools and foster a sense of community.

Tommy George

I’m running to be re-elected as your Vice President Academic Affairs! 🔵

Posted by Re-elect Tommy #1 For VP Academic Affairs on Thursday, February 15, 2018

Tommy is running for re-election this year, here are his key manifesto points:

-Provide more representation channels
-Digital Tools
-Consistent academic feedback and assessment help
-Academic opportunities

Vice President Activities

Laura Jane Gates

#LobsterLaura has gone global in Prague! Spreading the word across the globe #LobsterLauraVPA 🦀🦐

Posted by Lobster Laura VP Activities on Saturday, February 17, 2018

Key manifesto points:

-Make sport more inclusive and begin disability sport sessions
-Make social sport free for everyone, not just society members/gym members
-Provide more storage space
-Improve transport funding across all teams/activities
-Training & support for committee members for mental health
-Continue and improve the ‘We are Lincoln’ ethos across all societies
-Cheaper gym memberships for people who are part of sports team/sports courses

Cassandra Coakley

Key manifesto points:

-Creating a rehabilitation programme for members to still be able to be with their teams or clubs without just sitting on the side-lines
-Making sure that our sports teams and societies are accessible to everyone, no matter their age, race, gender, sexuality or skill level.
-To more widely promote and increase the accessibility of fixtures and fundraisers
-Creating connections with different universities and businesses, exploring the various possible opportunities for our clubs to benefit them during and after university
-Creating a channel dedicated to our sports and societies, which would be played throughout multiple on-campus venues and be available online for family and friends

Rebecca Louise Marrows

Key manifesto points:

-Make funding and grants more accessible for everyone

-To better publicise fundraising events as these are pertinent aspects of running a successful society and a club

-'I have had to manage certain situations that were beyond my control; such as losing our training facilities in October'

-Making sure this never happens again to any club or society

Daniel Sheehan

Key manifesto points:

-Higher representation for minorities, in particular ACCESSIBILITY and PARTICIPATION for students with disabilities.
-SOCIAL sport to be better represented within societies and the Student Union.
-Provide competition for non-BUCS teams through contact with local Universities i.e. Bishop Grosseteste.
-Create more events for societies to PROMOTE themselves for students to experience activities through open sessions
-Evaluate how FUNDING is distributed
-Explore alternatives means of FUNDING; i.e. sponsorship
-Meeting minutes to be ACCESSIBLE for students – ensure your voice is being represented
-Be APPROACHABLE – always available to contact.

Lauren Kathryn Spence

Key manifesto points:

-If a society is representing the Students Union they should be entitled to funding from the Student Union.
-Working closely with BUCS to arrange fixtures to the same university on the same day, reducing money spent on transport
-More opportunities for activities throughout the year rather than just Freshers Week
-Students with placements to potentially be offered discounted sports and societies membership due to the nature of placement and being unable to attend some aspects.
-Creating an interest checklist for all new students, this will include hobbies, interests and acknowledge achievements
-Continue the We Are Lincoln Ethos and encourage a proactive relationship between sports and societies
-Encouraging connections between the Students Union and local clubs and organisations.
-Minimising Wednesday contact hours, reducing the number of students unavailable to participate in activities.
-Increasing transparency concerning the creation of new clubs and societies

Vice President Welfare & Community

Lauren Pincher

Key manifesto points:

-Let's help students BEFORE they reach breaking point.
-Housing situation – problems with housemates, neighbours and landlords
-Mental health – anxiety, depression, and homesickness to name a few!
-Money problems – Hidden university costs, budgeting difficulties

'I'm friendly, approachable and efficient.'

Connor Delany

There ain't no rest for the wicked, not when SU elections are in full swing! I will be around Courts today to talk to…

Posted by Re-Elect Connor VP Welfare and Community on Saturday, February 17, 2018

Connor is running for re-election this year, here are his key manifesto points:

-Mental health first aid
-Tackling bad landlords with an accommodation portal where landlords will be ranked by students.
-Ensure the university health centre is fit for propose
-Establishing an emergency travel fund for parents and carers who need emergency transport home or emergency childcare.
-Putting together a Fresher’s buddy scheme to help you home safely after nights out.
-Preparing pop-up computer labs during peak assessment periods
-Creating a proper vegan and vegetarian menu’s in the swan and at tower bar
-Implement automatic voter registration
-Phasing out paper registers in lectures
-Ensuring that university regulations are made clearer and in different languages.

Grace Corn

Welcome to Cornhub! Election week is officially underway! My name is Grace Corn and I am running for Vice President…

Posted by Vote Corn for VP Welfare & Community on Thursday, February 15, 2018

Key manifesto points:

-Permanent on campus STI testing/sexual health services
-An online mental health help chat
-A more environmentally conscious campus (the introduction of bottle banks, bike lanes, and water fountains for example) with a rewards scheme to accompany such changes

'I am a friendly and approachable person, who believes in making sure that everyone's voice is heard and that our Student Union is inclusive and fair to its core.'

Vice President International

Cigdem Elikci

Key manifesto points:

-Enhancing employability amongst internationals
-Building stronger community links between international and UK students
-Increasing academic support for international students

'As VP International, I would make sure that everyone feels represented and do my best to supply opportunities to make unforgettable memories/experiences during their time in Lincoln.'

Sophia Liu

Sophia is running for re-election this year, here are her key manifesto points:

-Free airport pick up for international students
-Summer storage support
-More social activities for international students: paintballing, ice skating, cycling etc.
-Employability support
-Fun sports competitions between international students
-International and local students 1v1 Buddy scheme
-Academic support – Grammar support (better connection with English language centre)
-International food Festivals
-Culture celebration
-Continue doing what I am currently doing with better communication to students.
-All activities are open to every student!

Maria-Eleni Stourgioti

Key manifesto points:

-My goal in life is to always help people that need it, in any way possible.

-Make sure that monthly events and parties are being held for International Students, aiming to create a solid community.

-I will always be open to suggestions and my main priority will be you.
-my main focus is help people socialise.


Key manifesto points:

-Enhance your NETWORKING broadly and deeply.
-Organising events for you to EXPLORE different CULTURES
-You will get FINANCIAL support
-Significant JOB opportunities for you
-More workshops to learn about how to STUDY well

Ali Salim Ali Al-Saeed

Key manifesto points:

-I want to give back to the university and the student union and give the same amazing experience to other students.
-I believe I can give something different this year something to make the experience in the University of Lincoln more unique, for all the students not only the international.

Beatriz De Arcos Marin

Key manifesto points:

-all students to have more opportunities to go abroad or to come to the UK as many schools do not provide them.

-To offer a welcome pack to all international students

-Introduction of International officers

-Work with internationalisation working groups to expand opportunities abroad for international and home students.

-Trips around UK and events for both international and home students

-Student buddy programme.

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We've voted, have you?

Head over to the SU website for full manifestos and to cast your vote!