We need to talk about our Uni library

It is a daily battle to find a space

With Lincoln's intake of students having increased by one third since 2015, the library is bursting with people all term long.

Some people find it difficult to work at home, so rely on the library to be an available space for study throughout the semester.

Welcome to your library, good luck finding a computer lol x

The GCW library was expanded in 2014, but already we're seeing the building becoming inadequate to house a rapidly increasing student population.

The University has invested in new subject buildings and halls of residence in the past few years. However, they have neglected the important communal areas that become packed particularly towards the end of term when they are most needed.

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'Is the library hot or cold today?'

As well as all this, the inconsistent temperature, outdated computers and abysmal refreshment facilities leave a lot to be desired for a multi-million pound institution.

With an online database of journals and books which frequently malfunctions, sometimes our only option is the library.

Just admit you want me to fail

The staff are kind and helpful, and it isn't their fault that these facilities have not been properly funded. However, as dissertation deadlines loom the space the Uni has is going to become even more insufficient – and fast.

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Laughter helps us to cope x

We all now pay OVER 9 grand a year, the least the University can do is help us to help ourselves.