Can someone please tell me why Lincoln students enjoy bottling celebrities?

This is why we can’t have nice things

Apart from that Inbetweeners quote, University of Lincoln tends to keep itself to itself. But an incident involving a cheesy Noughties girlband and a couple of VKs caught national news.

Two out of three of Atomic Kitten were "forced" to abandon their set at the Engine Shed (or Quack for the average Lincs student) after drunken students decided the best way to dispose of their empty VK bottles was to throw them at Pop royalty Kerry Katona.

Nothing is more terrifying than a plastic VK bottle heading towards you whilst belting out 'The Tide is High', but of course, the band were not happy!

And so #waiting4balls2drop was born:

Kerry's anger over dodging VK was met with Lincoln students finding the whole thing quite amusing. Grabbing headlines in The Mirror and the Sun, Lincoln's SU issued a statement apologising for student's behaviour. Though some Lincoln students felt differently about the situation:

But as you know, Lincoln students took this reputation and ran with it.

Seven months after the event, the Lincoln SU announced pop "sensations" Jedward were performing. Of course, speculation was rife if the iconic vocal duo would meet the same fate as Atomic Kitten with the boys being controversial characters to begin with. Singing their "greatest hits", Jedward were dodging VK bottles like it was a game of dodgeball (arguably dealing with the bottling in a better way than Kerry and Natasha). We were back in the headlines.

So with that in mind, why is it that everyone at Lincoln enjoys bottling D-list celebrities? Quack is a messy night out in itself – trying to carry 4 VKs at once whilst singing along to 'All Star' as best as you can is enough to get you throwing up the next day. So adding a nostalgic singer, and shoving them in front of more than 500 drunks is maybe not the best idea.

"But then why go if you don't like the act?"

This is a fair statement, if you are so against Jedward performing at Quack then maybe it's best to stay in and watch I'm a Celebrity instead. But then where's the fun of it? Though it isn't the kind of reputation Lincoln necessarily wanted, this ongoing joke proved that Lincoln students don't take themselves too seriously.