Lincolnshire Police are going to be testing people’s hands for drugs in clubs

Wash those hands, the drugs police are in town

In an attempt to bust down on drug taking in Lincoln, Lincolnshire Police have opted for a rather… novel way of tackling the issue.

Called 'Operation Waiver' this new tactic involves your hands being swabbed for drugs when you enter a club.

The operation was launched at Circle on Saturday 2 December 2017 between 9pm and 1am and will continue to run across Lincoln.

But if you are found to have traces of MDMA, cocaine, ecstasy or any other dodgy substance on you, then you will be subjected to a full body search.

This is one of many initiatives that the police have rolled out in an attempt to curb drug usage within the city, none of which have been successful.

While the operation was created with good intentions, Henry Fisher of Vice explains that it could be potentially harmful to clubgoers.

Stating that "highly visible drug detection measures increases the tendency of panicked clubbers to consume their entire night’s drug stash in the queue."

Meaning that this operation actually increases the risks of overdose within the people it is supposed to protect.

Not only this, but it's expensive too, with the machines costing £20,000- £30,000, which is costly considering the operation isn't guaranteed to work.

So, the next time you're about to hit the club, remember to wash your hands, or just, you know, don't do drugs.