Lincoln students came together to sing Toto outside the library and it was beautiful

It’s gonna take a lot to take me away from memes

We're at that point in the semester when students will happily do anything other than think about their impending deadlines. Whether this involves watching a fascinating documentary about eyelashes on Netflix, staring out of the window at the swans or silently crying in the library toilets – any form of procrastination is welcome.

This sparked local meme page 'Lincoln Memes for Swan -Loving Teens' to host a sing-along today outside the library.

Fans of Toto's 'Africa' were invited to come and 'attempt to recreate this masterpiece for no other reason than the admins' amusement'.

So, at 4pm on Wednesday 6th December, Toto fans were united in song, and were surprisingly tuneful.

While initially only the truest of Toto fans were singing, after more people had gathered and with a bit of encouragement by SU President, Kudz, many people were bopping along to 'Dancing in the Moonlight' and 'All Star'.

We spoke to the person behind all this (who wishes to remain anonymous, probably so their inbox isn't overflowing with fan mail) about the event:

Watch 50 surprisingly tuneful people singing Toto 'Africa' on …

Watch 50 surprisingly tuneful people singing Toto 'Africa' on the platform outside the library

Posted by The Tab Lincoln on Wednesday, December 6, 2017

What inspired you to create the page 'Lincoln Memes for Swan-Loving Teens'?

It was a drunken mistake that got way out of hand. It consumes my life now. I cannot escape.

What inspired you to create the event today?

We ran out of ideas. This is what we in the social media industry call a "cop out".

What are you hoping to achieve from the event?

I plan to film it, and then get the Lad Bible and Unilad to bid against each other for the rights. Might try and flog it to Hello Magazine too.

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Are you trying to put Lincoln on the map for something other than *that* Inbetweeners quote?

My one ambition is to get Lincoln the status it deserves as "Capital of Dank Memes". It should be on the road signs.

Were you happy with how many people turned up?

I was expecting nobody so yes, very happy. It was like all my birthdays and Christmases came at once.

And what did you think of SU President, Kudz, joining in on the action?

It wouldn't have been the same without him. Can't thank him enough, he's a god in human form.

And finally, what was your favourite part of the whole event?

When people started dancing, I knew I'd made it. It was suddenly all worthwhile.