Lincoln’s best dressed on campus this week

You better werk

Another wave of Hot Trends and Fashionable People have hit the small town of Lincoln despite the fluctuating English weather and you wish you had enough effort to look this good. If being fashionable counted towards your grade, you'd all get firsts.

Harriet Cameron, Media Production

Image may contain: Tights, Pants, Person, People, Human

Bitchcraft dress: Pretty Little Thing

Sophie Jones, Creative Journalism

Image may contain: Vehicle, Train, Flooring, Floor, Furniture, Couch, Factory, Brewery, Human, Person, People

Trousers: the Wish app

Robert, Film Student

Image may contain: Flooring, Floor, Leather Jacket, Jacket, Coat, Clothing, Human, Person, People

Jacket: Charity Shop

Emma Phagra, Media Production

Image may contain: Human, Person, People

Shoes: Vans

Jasmine Ahad and George Taylor, Pharmaceutical Science and Food Science and Technology

Image may contain: Railing, Vase, Pottery, Potted Plant, Plant, Jar, Flora, Furniture, Chair, Person, People, Human

Her coat: New Look

His jumper: Topman

Joshua Palmer, English Literature

Image may contain: Suit, Overcoat, Jacket, Coat, Clothing, Blazer, Person, People, Human

Coat: Topman