It’s official, Lincoln Cathedral is the best cathedral ever, and don’t we know it!

Suck it, Inbetweeners

Despite all the shade that gets thrown at Lincoln and Lincoln uni students because of *that* Inbetweeners comment, it turns out we've got something pretty great to brag about.

Lincoln cathedral has been voted the best of all cathedrals in the UK!

That's right, we bet York, Durham and Bristol to take the crown. Proving once and for all that Lincoln Cathedral is the best cathedral around.

It all started when Twitter user/architecture lover/the hero we didn't know we needed, Ben B (@cinemashoebox) decided Britain needed a definitive ranking of its cathedrals. He started a poll on Twitter which, while initially only getting a few votes, soon reached the masses and had people voting for their favourite cathedral.

As the the rounds went by, #cathedralworldcup gained more attention, with people encouraging their followers to vote, even the Archbishop of York, John Sentamu got involved!

After days of nail-biting competition, Lincoln ultimately reigned victorious, and why wouldn't it? Have you seen it lately?

There's beautiful stained glass windows

Image may contain: Stained Glass, Art

Hogwarts-eqsue walkways

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It's Levi-O-sar not Levio-SAR

And not forgetting, pure, Instagrammable prettiness

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Totally aesthetically pleasing, right?

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So the next time someone slags Lincoln off, just remember that you get to graduate in Britain's favourite cathedral, as voted for by the people of Britain, in a Twitter poll…