Here’s some sober things to do in Lincoln to give your liver the rest it needs

Have a break, have a cola

Winter is around the corner, deadlines are looming and the days are getting darker. As much as you need to go out and drink (and who doesn't?) sometimes it's better for yourself and your bank balance if you just calmed down on the orange VKs.

But what is there to do in Lincoln you may ask? Well I'm not gonna suggest going for a walk around the cathedral. If I read another ~fun~ and ~quirky~ guide about to things to do around Lincoln that involves around a big church I will scream. Instead, here's a list of do-able things around Lincoln that don't involve Freshers spilling their pints on you screaming the words to Livin La Vida Loca:

Ghost Walk

From wednesdays to Saturdays at 7pm, the ghost walk is £5 for an adult ticket. The only problem being walking up Steep Hill to then meet at the Magna Carta. But if that doesn't scare you off, the reviews are all positive on Trip Advisor just remember to take warm clothes as, you know, it's outside.

Coffee Aroma

Coffee Aroma, one of the swankiest and most Instagrammable places in Lincoln, often hosts some fun nights. This Saturday, they're doing an 'After Dark' night which will be an evening of blue grass and European style café culture at Coffee Aroma. The Calligraphy Club will be entertaining you with deep south tunes from 8pm. And you didn't hear it from me but they do cocktails and cheese sharing platters.

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Comparing the size of Jasmine's head to the size of the cake

Odeon Screen Unseen

Exclusive preview screenings but with a twist! You book in advance but you don't know what film you're about to see until the curtains go up. The tickets are £5 each and the films are never horror films so you don't have to worry about wandering into a screening of Jeepers Creepers 3 by accident. (But if you're into that they have Odeon Scream Unseen for the horror fans). If you're really wanting hints and inside gossip on what's gonna be played then Odeon tends to let things slip on their Twitter and Facebook page (@ODEONCinemas).

Lincoln Bowl

Now this is a little out of the way to walk, but it is completely doable. The Lincoln Bowl is near the South Commons and is a really cool day out. The bowling has it's own feature where your face comes up every time you score and it has an arcade!

Akedo: The Gaming Bar

There's a video gaming bar that has all sorts of retro and modern gaming consoles, from the GameCube to the PS4 they have more or less everything. Now, just because it has it's alcohol license doesn't mean you have to drink! But I'd be lying if drinking then going on VR downstairs isn't the funniest experience.

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LSFM: The British Film Night

Of course I had to include the free film night on campus. In association with Eyes on Screen and LSFM, The British Film Night is a series of FREE weekly film screenings. Monday, 7pm at the Stephen Langton Building. And I'm fairly certain you can take as much popcorn as you can carry.

Lincoln Drill Hall

As boring as that sounds, the Drill Hall does a comedy club. The Red Herring Comedy Club Night is £7 for students and the big night is gonna be on the 25th of November, so plenty of time to get your flatmates out of the house. They also do jazz nights and much more.


If you're a big kid like me then Playzone is the best place in Lincoln. After the little kids are done, the Tuesday nights are especially for big kids. Every Tuesday night from 7.30 to 9.30pm, there's a Student Night; it's £6.50 to get in and it's discounted to £6 with a valid student card! Get a big group of friends and play either hide and seek or tag you're it and you'll feel like you've just been in the gym for about eight hours.

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Two very big kids having a very fun time

Or you could just have those Vks, we're not your mum