Lincoln brought us an indie festival and it was wonderful

It was about time

It was a long time coming especially after Blossoms played The Engine Shed earlier this year. But after an extremely long and impatient wait, Lincoln's biggest indie lover's prayers were finally answered when it was announced this summer that Lincoln would be holding it's first ever 2Q Festival.

Spread across nine different venues throughout the city, ranging from The Engine Shed to Red Five to Back to Mono, festival- goers were free to wander from place to place all day long enjoying a variety of bands.

The festival went ahead on Saturday 28th October, bringing us a whole day and night's worth of glorious indie tunes. Circa Waves and Peace were the major headliners whilst we also saw the likes of The Sherlocks, Bad Sounds, Superfood, Marsicans, Eliza and the Bear and many, many more (literally there were so many bands it's just not possible to name them all).

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One of the headliners – Circa Waves, absolutely smashing it

The greatest thing about there being so many bands playing was that there was bound to be something on suited to your taste, at near enough every point in the day. You could go along to check out one band and if they were not quite your cup of tea, then no worries because there were eight other great venues for you to choose from.

Generally there was a pretty chilled atmosphere throughout the day as there were plenty of opportunities for small food and drink breaks in between performances (that is, provided you weren't determined to see every single band!) In this sense the event was well -planned out because it was nowhere near as hectic as what might have been first expected.

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BUT (and this is a massive but) there was a catch, some people may have been a little disappointed at the fact that some of our absolute faves were over- lapped. So unfortunately if you wanted to see Circa Waves and Peace you were forced to make the near impossible choice of which one to see because they were playing at the same time. Lets be honest, this was like asking us to choose between chocolate and cake – both being just as amazing as each other – in short it was a tough decision. This was also the case with other acts – Circa Waves and Peace crossed over with Eliza and the Bear, whilst Superfood and Jaws were also playing at the same time. It was gutting to find this out, but maybe we can't always have everything… right??

But really we can't complain, overall 2Q was amazing. Even if you didn't get the opportunity to see every single one of your favourites, you definitely got to see at least two (if not more) and after all that's better than nothing.

2Q Festival was possibly one of the best things to happen in Lincoln and we can only hope that it will return again next year to further fulfil our indie music needs.

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