If you’re not curing your Quack hangover at Coffee Aroma, what are you doing?

It’s Lincoln’s hidden gem

In Lincoln, the amount of tea rooms scattered up the Steep Hill makes me need to put an extra sugar in my camomile. All trying to out-hipster each other, as well as outdo their competition. But is one of the many standing out from the crowd?

In my attempts to visit every cafe in Lincoln and judge the most unique, I have yet to distinguish my peppermint teas from my frappuccinos. Until Coffee Aroma.

Hiding in the centre of Lincoln, this little café is every students dream den. Three floors changing from chilled bar-type vibes to the secret attic style upper floor, by the time we've conquered the narrow stairs, admittedly my Americano is cold, but it's well worth it. Looking upon Lincoln's cobbles, "doing" my uni work we feel right at home.

They even cold coffee, they're that cool!

Some may say that it's too pompous for it's own good, with the shabby-chic vibe not being everyone's cup of tea (pardon the intentional pun). They're wrong – you can't leave the cafè without feeling charmed by it's quaint warmth and cosy atmosphere.

You don't have to be a "Hipster", but it helps!

You don't have to be a "Hipster", but it helps!

So let's compare this small gem of a coffee house to the 'big brands' dotted along the High Street. What makes it stand out from your Costa's and Starbucks is its individuality, it's like visiting your Nan and cleaning out her wardrobe of clutter. And yet the clutter makes for something absolutely fun. Sure I do agree that a Costa flat white is the coffee fix that I live by before a 9am lecture, and the Rocky Roads have been there when I'm going through my own personal rocky road.

But, when it comes to atmosphere and putting my feet up after a long day of PowerPoint presentations, I'd rather sit looking down upon Lincoln's cobbles than get stuck by the queue in Starbucks trying to unwind.

And so when you're stranded at the train line for 10 minutes, or you've made your 9am lecture and know you deserve a treat. Then don't get tempted by your average pumpkin-spice based beverages, instead check out Coffee Aroma, and cure that Quack hangover with a black coffee to drink in!