Atomic Kitten ‘bottled off stage’ after three songs at Quack last night

In Lincoln, of all places

Last night two thirds of Atomic Kitten, Kerry Katona and Natasha Hamilton, were forced off the stage at Quack, as members of the crowd started throwing bottles.

They performed three songs – including ‘Eternal Flame’ – before fleeing the stage “for safety reasons”.

Natasha added: “Gutted that tonight’s gig ended early, 2 all of u who came to see a good show, thank u 4 yr support but when it’s not safe we have 2 leave x.”

Before leaving the stage, the pair made jokes about the boys present not yet having hit puberty. Natasha shouted “fuck you” and raised her middle finger before walking off.

The events have caused a mixed reaction from Lincoln students. Some have branded the pair “divas”, whilst Ryan says Atomic Kitten are: “an important pop icon of our generation”:

While Emma wonders, what could possibly be next?

Some were unsurprised:

Some were proud:

Some were just happy to be acknowledged:

Others wanted merch:

And Abbie apologised on behalf of Lincoln: