The Christmas Market is the best thing about Lincoln

It’s definitely not the swans

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When I came to Lincoln last year as a wide-eyed fresher, I was blown-away by the stunning Cathedral and the pretty walls, I thought it was the best thing about Lincoln – that was until I went to the Christmas market.

As someone who gets overly excited about Christmas, the market fast became my favourite thing about the city. I can see the Cathedral from my bedroom window, but I can only go to the market once a year.



Think of every Christmas movie you’ve ever watched, now apply it to a place and that’s the Christmas Market. The stalls are in cute little huts that are so adorable with their dangling fairy lights that twinkle at you as you walk past. Then there’s the smells of all the food, enticing you in and the street performers, singing Christmas songs, making you feel like you’ve just stepped onto the set of a Christmas movie. You’d have to be a Scrooge not to have a smile on your face.



Believe me when I say there’s something for everyone. Soap in the shape of Christmas characters, chocolate in the shape of cheese, cheese in the shape of chocolate. And if none of that tickles your fancy there’s the Medieval market which sells goblets right out of Game of Thrones and capes to keep you warm when you’re fighting the White Walkers, whatever you’re looking for the Christmas market has your back.


Located in the prettiest part of Lincoln, you’ll have plenty to gape at while you walk around. The Cathedral is lit up and you can hear the choir performing inside. Then there’s the castle walls and the Old Court House that look so pretty when the fairy lights dance off the walls. If you visit the medieval market you’ll instantly be transported back in time as it takes place in the ruins of the Bishop’s Palace – Lincoln has it all.



Unlike some boring Christmas markets, Lincoln has some fairground attractions for you to ride. There’s a Ferris wheel which boasts fantastic views of the Cathedral, a giant helter-skelter which will bring back memories of your childhood and best of all, the carousel. Looking like something you’d get in a Christmas snow globe, ride the authentic fairground carousel while munching through some candy floss, because nothing says Christmas like type 2 Diabetes and travel sickness.



Easily the best thing about the market. Munch your way around and you won’t have to eat for a month. From Bratwurst hotdogs to mini doughnuts and waffles, you’d be lying if you said there wasn’t something that took your fancy. Go on a walking tour of the market while eating a pulled pork sandwich or sipping Mulled wine, it’s Christmas so disregard your diet and delight in all the food the market has to offer. Plus, with that walk up Steep Hill you deserve those doughnuts.