Every act that simply MUST to come to Quack this year

Because you can never have too much cheese

When it comes to a night out in Lincoln, Quack are pretty much the pioneers of cheese.

And they’ve done it again by bringing The Cheeky Girls to The Engine Shed for the weekly Wednesday night out following in the footsteps of highly acclaimed artists such as The Chuckle Brothers, Vengaboys and S Club… 3.

Top quality stuff.

But we wouldn’t have it any other way and instead thought that we would look at some suitable options for Quack in the future.


The natural next step (wink wink) from S Club would surely have to be this iconic five piece, made up of Claire, Faye, H, Lisa and Lee.

They were the original cheesy guilty pleasure back in the late 90s and early 2000s and would make the most perfect blast from the past for all the party goers wishing to relive their childhood.

With hits like ‘Tragedy’, ‘5,6,7,8’ and ‘Deeper Shade Of Blue’, we reckon they’d put on a pretty great show.

Atomic Kitten

As one of the biggest girlbands of the 2000s, Atomic Kitten definitely fit the bill when it comes to notorious sing along pop anthems.

We’re not sure entirely which line up we’d get but we’re pretty sure Kerry Katona would have a gap or two in her schedule to come over to Lincoln for the night, now she hasn’t got Iceland to worry about.

Ranging from a classic ballad like ‘Whole Again’ to an undeniable bop like ‘The Tide Is High’, they’ve definitely got plenty of hits to choose from.


From one of the 00s biggest girlbands to one of the 00s biggest boybands, you can’t beat a bit of Blue.

Smashing out hit after hit while the One Direction boys were still in primary school, the four-piece of Lee Ryan, Duncan James, Simon Webbe and Antony Costa would go down a storm with tracks like ‘One Love’, ‘All Rise’ and ‘Too Close’.

The band were still on tour in 2015 so they’re definitely still together, so why not make Quack their next stop?

Peter Andre

So this may be a long shot, but the King of Cheese rocking up at Quack would be the best thing ever, right?

It’s not a night out at Quack if you don’t get down to a bit of ‘Mysterious Girl’ by 1:30am so what better than having the hunk there himself to party with us all.

It’s possible that Andre is still performing to pretty big arena crowds so he might not need us but if he did then he’d probably give us all a bit of insania.


Because once you’ve had Vengaboys, the next natural step is to go for the Danish pop group Aqua at some stage.

If you were to think of some of the cheesiest singalong tracks of all time, we’re sure ‘Barbie Girl’ would be pretty high up there so just think how completely bonkers it would be to have Aqua there to do it themselves.

They recently re-grouped for 10 performances in Denmark… would a quick flight over Lincoln be too much of an inconvenience, guys?


We can’t work out if this would be a complete nightmare that would evacuate the Engine Shed or not, but landing Jedward at Quack could potentially be a genius move.

Admittedly, the boys didn’t have too many hits as their covers of ‘Under Pressure’ and ‘All The Small Things’ were near enough all they had to show for their bouncing and flipping on 2009’s X Factor.

But the duo really do embody everything that is nuts and WTF about a Quack night out, so why not?!


As another band who came back together for The Big Reunion on ITV2 in years gone by, why could we not bring a touch of the Irish to Quack?!

If you’ve ever been to this Wednesday night out, there’s a fair chance you’ve tried to Irish jig to “C’est La Vie” when it comes on – after all, they do play it EVERY week.

It turns out they had four number one singles back in the day, so there’d definitely be enough in their back catalogue to keep the crowds of Lincoln going.

Los Del Rio

Honestly, we have absolutely no idea if Los Del Rio still exist or if they’re alive but we’re going to throw the idea out there anyway because on the off chance they are still together, this would pretty much complete our lives.

Week in, week out, we throw ourselves around the Quack dancefloor for 3 minutes as we all try and keep up with the ‘Macarena’ performed by these two guys from Spain.

This seems like the longest shot of the lot but even just the thought of doing the Macarena with the guys who did it themselves seems like a thing of magic.

S Club Juniors

So, we’ve had S Club themselves which got us thinking just how many underrated tunes their younger counterparts, S Club Juniors, had under their belt.

Two of the members, Frankie and Rochelle, will probably be clearer in your memories as part of The Saturdays but before that, they were part of the S Club spin off group that were responsible for singalong classics such as “Automatic High” and “One Step Closer”.

We don’t think they’d all get back together but it only took 3 of S Club 7 to make a return and 3 of 5ive. S Club Juniors have the luxury of having no numbers in their name so they can come see us in Lincoln whenever they like.

And finally… Basshunter. Again.

Because once was just not enough for us, we’re calling for a return of the Bass to Quack after putting on an unforgettable show in February of 2016.

The Swedish superstar DJ had The Engine Shed absolutely packed out when he visited at the start of the year and didn’t disappoint one bit with whipping the crowd up into a raving frenzy as he performed his hits including ‘Now You’re Gone’, ‘All I Ever Wanted’ and ‘Angel In The Night’.

The campaign starts here to BRING BACK THE BASS.

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