What it’s like living in an eight-bed house in Lincoln

Mess, mess and more mess

Living in a house with so many people definitely has its ups and downs. Mostly ups, due to the amount of bloody stairs up to everybody’s room.

At first people are shocked when you tell them how many people you live with, it seems like a lot but actually it’s great – most of the time.

You’d think we would all sit around watching TV together, often suggesting how hilarious we would be on goggle-box, yet most of the time you end up watching the boys play Fifa. RIP soap time.

Although there’s always somebody about, hangovers become group events, all slumped in the big living room sharing the same dead expression, occasionally bringing up last night’s events to everybody’s shame. Sitting around among several empty vodka bottles and abandoned pre-drinks everywhere which become part of the furniture for days at a time.

The week consists of permanent pres before hitting Lincoln’s nighttime scene, except on Saturdays because apart from first-years, who goes to Propaganda?


This is as clean as we get

As for visitors, fair play for dragging them all the way up steep hill to the house but if you think you can bring someone home unnoticed, you’re wrong. Somebody will spot you and tell the entire house, but if you come home alone, sad, drunk and a complete mess, there’s always a few of us to look after you.

Loving and caring with snapchat ready.

Loving and caring with snapchat ready

You realise people have strange eating habits, the sight of somebody cooking a curry at 2am, or drinking milk like water straight from the bottle becomes complete normality. At least this way the (far too small for eight people) kitchen is never too busy at one time.

Despite that the kitchen is always a mess, with eight of us and no dishwasher it’s almost impossible to find an empty sink. Although with all of us bringing so many plates and cups there’s always something to eat off. Failing that thank god Poppins is round the corner with nice clean takeaway boxes to eat from.

Spawn of satan

Spawn of satan

Whether you like it or not, that special mug you brought that you always drink your morning coffee out of, is now everybody’s mug. Along with everything you own. Including your wardrobe, with 3 other girls their clothes are now my clothes too, when buying anything you check nobody else has it, because why would I buy it when I can just take it?


Living with eight people can be fun and also a pain in the arse, it is good to always have a full house though, choosing between the best of both worlds. Either hide away in your room for times or come downstairs to find someone, arguments are bound to happen but when do they not?

Living in an eight-bed house is basically living in a shit hole – but it’s our shit hole and I wouldn’t have it any other way.