The University of Lincoln’s Students’ Union is reaffiliating with the NUS

A second referendum took place this week

Lincoln’s Students’ Union will reaffiliate with the NUS, after a second referendum held on their membership this week.

The result revealed that 1,302 students voted in favour of reaffiliation, while 437 voted to against.

This comes after Lincoln became the first university to disaffiliate after a vote held in May this year – with 881 in favour of disaffiliating and 804 against.

Richard Brooks, the vice president of the NUS, said: “We are absolutely delighted to welcome the University of Lincoln Students’ Union back to their national union and it’s great to see students want to be part of NUS.

“We understand that this is not a vote for the status quo, but the opportunity for the students’ union to lead the way in reclaiming NUS. We are listening to students’ concerns, we are changing and I look forward to working with Lincoln students to build a better, stronger national students’ union.”

The University of Lincoln is made up of 12,883 students this year. 1,739 students voted – slightly more than the 1,685 in May.

The second vote resulted in a similarly meagre 13.49 per cent turnout.