An alcohol delivery service has come to Lincoln

The days of having to trek to Sainsburys are long gone

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A new alcohol delivery service will ensure students at the University of Lincoln will never fall short of alcohol.

The company, Infinity Delivery, is ran by Jim Claffey and Richard Sargent. It promises a one hour delivery service for all stock required for a boozy pre-drinks.

Students can order a wide range of alcohol, some of which are not available in supermarkets, including craft ales, lager and specials.

As well as alcohol, the company provides mixers, tobacco products, cocktail kits and even snacks, whilst keeping prices in line with convenience stores.

A fully stocked prinks is what we like to see

Jim Claffey told the Lincolnite:  “The alcohol delivery concept has been the dream of many people when they are organising a get together, or even mid-flow; that horrible point when the socialising must stop because someone has to pop to the shop, get a taxi or ring a friend to get some supplies!”

Students at the University of Lincoln expressed mixed views about the new service.

Graphic Design student Nikolaus Millward said: “I think its a really good idea, but Lincoln is so small that most people are merely a five minute walk away from a shop. I probably won’t use it as I don’t really drink that much.”

Journalism student Emily Mahon said: “I’m surprised no one thought of it sooner, I think a lot of students might be tempted to use it and that that’s probably who the service is aimed at. I don’t think I’ll use it as you can get cheaper alcohol ahead of time in the supermarkets because there’s a spend limit for it to be delivered.”