Everyone you hate in the library right now

The library isn’t the place for a social

Everyone has that one person that can get on their last nerve in the university library, when you’re trying to do an all nighter to finish your essay or you’re just trying to revise for a test you have next week. Our Great Central Warehouse Library is open for 24 hours a day every day of the week, and you will always manage to find one of these people in the library during that time.

The printer hoggers

There comes the time when you need to print off an essay or piece of work for an assignment that you have due in. Everything is all ready to be printed and when the time comes for you to use the printer, someone is printing what seems like a 300 page novel. Now we all on one occasion have had to print more than a few pages however, printing out a novel is a different level of hogging the printer.


The computer hoggers

You’ve walked into the library and desperately need one of the computers and all of them are occupied, then you see in the library a person that seems to have the need of sitting at a computer desk, and then reaching into their bag to take out their laptop. Now I wasn’t aware that you needed two computers at the same time, whatever the reasoning for this is we can all see how that can be frustrating when you need to get some work done.

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The Socialites

The library is a great environment to revise for upcoming exams and module tests, you’re getting a good rhythm with your revision and making the notes that you need. Then you find another type of person that you wish was not in the library when you’re trying to revise for a test that is in two days. The people that think the library is a great place to gossip and have a socialise whilst standing right beside you, that’s when you’re given the queue to leave.

The confused ones

You might not hate these people in the library, they might actually make you giggle to yourself but at the same time can be annoying at some points. You’re walking into the library with your student card ready to tap through, and then you see the person in front of you all flustered frantically trying to find their student card. This can be a funny scenario when they finally find their card, and end up getting their back stuck in the doors, but these types of people can be annoying as well.


The book stealers

And finally, another type of person that may irritate you in the library is the one that always seems to have the one book that you need. You’re scanning through the shelves of books in the library, finding every other book there is and the one that you need has been taken out.

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Making matters worse there is only one copy of this book, so you have to leave the library and hope that tomorrow the book is back.