If you haven’t been to Vipers you haven’t lived

It’s the lifeblood of sleepy Harrogate

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Harrogate: the happiest town in the UK and the capital of Yorkshire tea.

Its nightlife is arguably lacking, consisting of under-agers, over-priced drinks and a grand total of two clubs (no, Rehab does not count). Some residents aren’t as submissive to this, and often venture to Leeds or York.

Those of us that chose to step out in Harrogate know a night on the town will start with downing a good few pitchers in Spoons whilst being heavily judged by 40-year-olds, and will end in Bambino’s, jeering on the fights whilst munching a kebab.

But what about the bit in-between? Whilst Moko has served the people of Harrogate well with its sweaty charm and 1-hour happy hour, most clubbers’ hearts belong firmly with Viper rooms.

good old yolo

Previously known as YOLO, MyParty, and Risque, Verve at Vipers is the only place to be in Harrogate on a Thursday night. It boasts many good features including its lavish interiors with it’s plush seating areas, chandeliers and famous mirrored room that pretty much every Harrogate girl has taken advantage of. If you haven’t had a full length mirror pic in there, what are you doing with your life?

The toilets are home to a lovely lady that will make you pay an arm and a leg for a lollipop you don’t really want if you’re drunk enough, and they’ll be at least one girl crying or throwing up in one of the cubicles. But hey, its still pretty.

Got to be done

One of the key features of Vipers is its large smoking areas, where going “out for air” is completely defeating the object. It’s usually crowded and rammed with people grafting and generally talking shit. There’s normally always someone trying to sneak round the bouncer on the stairs, too.

Despite the fact the drinks are crazily expensive, everyone in on a Thursday night in Vipers seems to be particularly arseholed. Perhaps they won a table and a free bottle of bubbly, or they sponged off one of their richer mates, who knows.

You can’t be phased when entering Viper rooms to be greeted by your ex, his new girlfriend, his new girlfriend’s best mates, and the neighbours cat. Everyone knows everyone – but that’s all part of Harrogate’s charm. What would the night be without a little drama, eh?

A few celebs come visit Vipers from time to time, whether it be an ex-Made in Chelsea cast member or a cheeky Geordie Shore boy. Sure, most of them stay behind the VIP rope all night but at least you’re sharing the same breathing space right? You can always pay a tenner for a photo and hope it will resort in Gaz giving you a tongue sandwich if you’re that arsed.

Oi oi

Many people may argue Harrogate’s shit, and obviously in comparison to most places – it is. But I can guarantee some of your best hometown memories come from your Thursday night antics. Even if they do consist of sneaking in underage and chunning in the posh loos.