What it’s like living with psychology students

Spoiler: you’ll become a human guinea pig

When I met my flatmates in freshers’ week and they told me they’d both be studying Psychology I thought nothing of it.

Yes, I knew that they’d talk about work and other Psychology related things around me, and I knew I wouldn’t have a clue what they would be talking about but I didn’t really mind. I had just gotten used to talk of Fenja and ‘Mind and Brain’ when I suddenly became a test subject…

“Look at the red cross and tell me when the circle stops spinning”: were the words my flatmate said to me, pen in one hand and stopwatch in another. So there I was, 9:30pm, wrapped in my fluffy dressing gown suddenly part of an experiment for a course I know zilch about.

I mean it wasn’t all bad, I was bribed with Oreos so I wasn’t complaining but I had no idea what the test was for, all I knew is that it made my eyes freak out – a lot.


I’ve kind of resigned myself to the fact that I will become a human Guinea Pig over the course of the next 2 years but I really don’t mind. I ask them for their opinions all the time about articles and other things, so it’s only fair that they get to test me with weird mind illusions for their course. But it is slightly strange when your flatmates are testing your brain in their spare time.

Entourage Flares

Over the next couple of years I expect I’ll be subjected to more crazy tests but if it helps, I’m all to happy to do it. Living with two Psychology students isn’t all brain tests and babble, it’s actually really fun.

They’re brilliant at psychoanalysing characters in novels I read for my English course but they still roll their eyes when I tell them I’m researching Freud so my attempts at understanding what they are talking about are null and void.

Let’s see what crazy ways they find to analyse my brain next…