Why you should write for The Tab Lincoln next term

You know you want to

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We are recruiting new writers to join our team in Lincoln.

Our Lincoln site received over 42,000 views in November alone.

The Tab Lincoln write the things you care about in the way you want to hear them – we’re the ultimate student publication. We focus on fun local news that you actually want to read.

To have your stories read by thousands, sign up and become part of the team.


We write everything in the Lincoln student bubble- from your drunken antics at Quack, the ballache of the train lines, and our ultimate Yik Yak game. Basically, if you guys are talking about it, we’ll be writing about it.

Interested in joining? You don’t need to be doing journalism, and it doesn’t matter if you don’t want to have a journalism career after Uni. We just want creative team members with plenty of ideas and enthusiasm. Whoever you are, we want to hear from you.

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I joined The Tab as soon as I started uni and haven’t regretted it – although it’s an extra commitment on top of uni work I think it’s well worth it.

“When your articles are published you get a sense of achievement and I know that it will look great on my CV and give me that flare that will set me apart from other graduates.” – Lydia Ransome

“When the first article I wrote for the Tab received over 8,000 views I couldn’t believe it.

“It’s really great to write for a publication that people actually read- it makes it so much more rewarding. I’d recommend anyone to join the Tab, I’m a second year and it’s definitely easy to balance with uni work.” –Edward Keller

“I get to write about the things I’m interested in in a fun way.

“It’s easy to work around uni work and it’s great to be a part of because a lot of people read it. I study journalism too so it’s great for the experience and for my course.”- Ettie Stevenson

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