How much does an average night out in Lincoln cost?

Should probably get shit-faced at pres anyway though

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We’ve picked the best student nights out in Lincoln for each day of the week and estimated how much you’ll probably end up spending.

Monday – LoveDough at Circle

Estimated price: £13 (includes ticket, 2 doubles and 1 single)

After a mandatory pre-drink sesh, you’ll probably end up spending over a tenner at R&B night LoveDough. You can get a ticket before 11:30 for four quid in preparation, and on a good night it’s not too ridiculously dead then. It’s £5 anytime afterwards.

As for the drinks, they are pretty strong and come in at around £3 a double. You’ll probably need a couple to try and ignore the fact that Drake’s Energy has been played three times in the past hour.

And if you can manage to get some snap-back wearing promoter to buy you a drink it’s all the better.

Tuesdays – Union

Estimated price: £11 (includes ticket and 3 doubles)

Club going up on a Tuesday…

When you tell people you’re heading ‘home’ after pre-drinks you don’t mean getting cosy in bed with fluffy socks and Netflix – Union is the place to be. It’s basically a less classier night out than Thursday’s Entourage (see below) but it’s still one of the best student nights out.

Grab an advance ticket for £4 or save the hassle and rock up on the door for £5. With £2 doubles, this night out is a match for all you lightweights out there. If you’re feeling really risky you could try the ‘no remorse’ shot – a pleasant mix of absinthe, tequila and tabasco sauce… although I wouldn’t recommend it if you plan on remembering the night.

Wednesdays – Quack

Estimated price: £11.50 (includes ticket, 2 doubles and a single/jager bomb)

Quack will never let you down. Fact.

If you’re not a fan of the creepy older men in town and enjoy the luxury of the engine shed being closer to your accommodation, then Quack is where you need to be on a Wednesday night. Again, you can be all organised and buy your ticket in advance for £4 on the SU website, or if you’re a spontaneous alcoholic like the rest of us then just pay £5 on the door. £1.50 jäger bombs and vodka mixers are awaiting.

Thursdays – Entourage

Estimated price: £12.50 (includes ticket, 2 doubles and a single)

Thursdays means Entourage. Enjoy a more sophisticated night out. Yes girls, time to whip out your favourite missguided dress and get contouring and lads, time to iron that white topman shirt.

As it’s more of a dressy night-out, you may actually consider buying an advance ticket, giving you time to plan your outfit a little, so grab one for £4 or as usual pay £5 on the night. (Think about it, that £1 could be put to better use – like drinks). Vodka mixers are only £1.50 but remember, it’s a classy night…

Fridays – Superbull

Estimated price: £12 

The best student night out in Lincoln on a Friday is of course Superbull at Moka. You can get an early bird ticket for as little as £3.50 so potentially the cheapest night out in Lincoln.

You may find it hard to believe but a double vodka energy is just £2. Yes a DOUBLE. (single is £1.30)

With a similar vibe to Quack, you’ll usually find that people get incredibly drunk and having a good night takes priority over looking good. Be prepared to wake up with a ‘you’ve been super-bulled stamp’ and a huge migraine to accompany it.