Ladies: Do you prefer guys with or without facial hair?

Beards aren’t just for Movember, they’re for life

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Whether you have a massive Dumbledore beard or a clean cut tash, facial hair will always split opinions for many girls. Love them or hate them, you can’t deny the instant style points a beard can give to a guy.

The massive con to a guy’s much loved beard is the poor reception from the opposite sex. Ladies DO NOT want to kiss stubbly facial hair, or force their way through a mass of facial hair to even find your lips.

So we asked females of Lincoln University the crucial questions: Do you prefer with, or without?

Ellie Smith, Zoology student:

“With! Facial hair looks manly and more grown up.”

Becky Swaffield, Pharmacy student:

“With! Facial hair looks better on most guys: but no soul patches, bum fluff or side burns. A guy has to go big or go home.”

Laura Wybrow, English student:

“Without! It’s so gross kissing a guy with facial hair, what happens if the hair goes in your mouth!”

Lydia Ransome, English and Journalism student:

“Without! Facial hair looks scruffy and stubble can be itchy.”


Eleanor Allon, English and Journalism student:

“With! I like stubble on a guy!”

Lucy Wiseman, Chemistry student:

“With! Men feel wrong without facial hair – it feels like you’re getting with a child!”

Jenny Macmillan, Animal Behavior and Welfare student:

“With! I like the way it touches me.”