If you go to Lincoln you probably went to an academy

Plus you most likely averaged BBC at A-level

We might have had slightly different educations but there’s a reason we’re not at the University of Cambridge and there’s a reason we’re not at London Met.

At Lincoln the highest intake of students came from academies, with 8257 of us, this is compared to just 4825 students progressing from a sixth form college.

Nearly 5000 came from a comprehensive school, roughly the same as students from sixth forms, while only 510 of us are grammar school students.

Courtney Bursnell, a Psychology Student, achieved BBC at A-level and went to Reepham High School and College in Norwich before deferring her place at University.

Courtney is one of 21 students from her college that have progressed to the University of Lincoln.

She said: “When I was at college I had to be there all day everyday – it was like a sixth form and I think this pushed me more to do my work and to do better overall.”

Sophie Francombe, a History Student, achieved CCC at A-level at Lincoln College before coming to the University. Statistics show that in total, 1230 students at Lincoln came from the college.

She said: “It was too laid back, I know I would have done better had I gone to somewhere with a more sixth-form structure.”

Emily Gurney, Sports Science Student, studied at Harlow College in Essex before progressing to the University of Lincoln along with 35 other students. Emily achieved D*DD at BTEC.

She said: “Studying BTEC’s meant that it was more similar to uni than A-levels.”

We couldn’t find a grammar school student to comment.