My hometown, Rugby, is the druggiest place in the UK

We call it ‘Drugby’


The town of Rugby, Warwickshire, is famous for many things.

It’s the birthplace of the sport of the same name, the famous Rugby school attended by former prime ministers and very nearly Emma Watson (she turned them down, but they still talk about it).

Mostly however it is known as ‘Drugby’, a town which when entered can be recognised by the pungent smell of weed hanging in the air, dubbed on Urban Dictionary as “a small town in the middle of England. Its original name is Rugby, but due to just about everybody being a pothead, many people now call it by this new name.”

The whole town has become one dazed, red-eyed, slightly confused inside joke.

Police have commented they “know the town is known as Drugby” and want to “get rid of that”, yet seeing as this has been the case since as long as locals can remember, it’s safe to say their war against drugs isn’t going all too well.

The most recent drugs scandal to take place is how a local man, ironically last named ‘Lad’, turned his tiny council flat into a cannabis factory and tried to claim it was simply for his personal use.

Some locals who are happy with the availability of drugs on their door step commented how their only issue was picking a dealer to go to, as resident of Rugby Ben, 23, told of how when picking up drugs from a new dealer’s house he came across his usual dealer parked outside.

Describing the ordeal Ben laughed “it was real awkward, it felt like I’d been caught cheating on him or something, I don’t think we will ever be as chill as before now.”

Others however such as Marie, 44, don’t appreciate the drugged up town: “This used to be a decent place to live, now nobody comes here because of its reputation. The only ones who do are fucking druggies!”

A Housing Warden for Rugby Council, Shannon, commented that despite her job concerning elderly residents, she still deals with the towns drug problem everyday: “There’s always residents’ children or grandchildren coming round drugged up, thinking they can stay here, it upsets the other people, you know?

“I’ve nearly called the police several times but I don’t want to be involved when I have to work with their families, don’t know who might take offence and what they might do in this town.”

When asked if locals thought the use and distribution of drugs within Rugby was getting out of hand Dan, 23, told of how only once he had felt uncomfortable when picking up drugs, as he had been in a car where the dealer’s young children were sitting in the back seats.

He said, “I’m guessing nobody else could look after them.”