9am Lecture Style

Wakey-Wakey rise and shine!

campus early lecture lincoln student Style uni

The dreaded 9am lecture isn’t for the faint-hearted.

Perhaps a pair of sunglasses or a strong cup of coffee is enough to hide any evidence of the heavy night before- or maybe you miraculously look fresh as a daisy.

Whatever your morning style is, we got up bright and early to snap these students on campus.

Mia Skin, Dance, Spotted at 8.31am

Snooze button or get up?

Mia: “Snooze.”

Emily Liddle, Drama, Spotted at 8.36am

 Snooze button or get up?

Emily: “Snooze always!”

Olivia Westway, Health and Social Care, Spotted at 8.41am

 Snooze button or get up?

Olivia: “I don’t snooze on lecture days!”

Sophie Cave, Psychology, Spotted at 8.47am

Snooze button or get up?

Sophie: “Snooze!”

Emily Jackson, History, Spotted at 8.56am

Snooze button or get up?
Emily: “Snooze, it’s got to be snooze.”