Van caught on campus crossing

The engineer described it as “splendid”

campus crossing incident lincoln railway Students van

A van got stuck as the barriers came down on a railway line going through Lincoln’s campus yesterday at 2pm.

The Cannon Hygiene van got trapped by one of the barriers, which stuck in the side of the vehicle.

The driver was unable to move his van as the crossing lights came on due to a car in front of him.

A goods train had to be consequently halted as result of the incident, and a passenger train in Lincoln Central station was also delayed.

Students watched on in confusion, and amongst the chaos someone managed to add a little promotional advertising to the van.

someone saw their opportunity and ceased it

Journalism student Danyal Khan said: “I got there after the incident happened and I was very confused.”

“I think I saw the driver and he looked devastated with what happened.”

“Everyone else seemed more impatient about crossing the tracks than the actual incident.”

Drama student Josh Pearson said: “Everyone was stood around snap chatting and laughing. The guy looked massively embarrassed.”
“All the trains stopped though so for the next ten minutes we could walk past campus without having to wait though.”
Students also told The Lincoln Tab that the network rail engineer who arrived on the scene remarked “splendid!” before joining many other students in getting out his camera and taking photos of the incident himself.