We’re the heroin and crack cocaine capital of England

Lincoln’s not all it’s cracked up to be

Lincoln is the crack cocaine and heroin capital of England, with high levels of deprivation, ill health and a lower than average life expectancy, a report has revealed.

Lincoln is the epicenter of heroin and crack cocaine in the UK, as a study published by Public Health England has shown that there are more users of the drug than anywhere else in England.

Clearly weed, NOS and MD are too soft for the hardcore druggies in Lincoln. It is estimated that in every 1000 people in the area, 25 are regular users of heroin or crack cocaine.

Lincoln has been known to have problems with legal highs, with the local council banning the sale of all legal highs earlier this year.

Inspector Pat Coates, head of the Lincoln City Center police said: “I do find the figures slightly surprising. It seems to manifest itself in more deprived areas.

“We focus all the time on drug and drug dealing – we constantly deal with illegal drugs. Clearly there are issues – there are people using drugs.

“In our experience that’s probably reduced in the last few years and I think evidence from treatment agencies has shown usage has reduced.

“We encourage people that if they know of people dealing drugs they should contact us.”

Looking further into Public Health England’s findings it also shows that Lincoln is in the 25th percentile – the worst -for some equally nasty things, including: Deprivation, child poverty, homelessness, violent crime and long term unemployment. These statistics are published to help local governments improve the health of the people in the area.

Life expectancy is also lagging behind the national average, being 8.7 years lower for men and 7.7 years lower for women in the most deprived areas of Lincoln than in the least deprived areas.

A spokesperson for Public Health England said that these results are ‘the best possible estimates PHE have on prevalence based on population’.

The full report and statistics from Public Health England can be found here.