The freshers are coming: The best of the Lincoln offer holders group


Remember when you were accepted into Lincoln and rushed straight to Facebook to find out who you were living with and who was on your course? No? Well these future freshers have been doing just that.

We’ve joined the groups and scrolled for hours to bring you the best of the best and here’s what we’ve discovered.

He loves a cheeky Nandos this guy!! What a lad!!

He loves a cheeky Nandos this guy!! What a lad!!



The banter never stops here guys


Surely Jake Quickenden can’t be Scunthorpe’s most notable person… Sheridan Smith? Nina Nannar


Nah mate, some of us are there for the banter as well



Is this Lincoln’s only selling point?



OMG WHO ELSE IS SMARTER THAN EVERYONE ELSE?! If this were a top 20 uni then maybe it’d be impressive



Sorry what



Ayoooooooo! Your BTEC will not help you make friends



This guy just wants to make some friends


Good luck to the rest of you trying to match this level of unadulterated enthusiasm.