If you go on a night out just to pull, you’re a bore

It shouldn’t be all about the D

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Don’t get me wrong, university is more or less the home of pulling. Everyone’s doing it- your housemates, your course mates, everyone.

With the freedom of having your own place, no parents and an arguably reduced level of morals, hooking up with someone is just too easy not to do it, and do it a lot.

Some go out with the set intention they will have a random in their bed by the end of the night, regardless if they are a solid 4/10.

They will not rest unless they get their 3am fix of disappointment, even if it means waking up next to someone truly awful and shuddering in disgust. And if that’s your vibe, fair play.

But not EVERY student goes out with this set intention. Not everyone gets dolled up and stands in front of their mirror chanting “tonight I WILL pull”. Some of us just want to get dressed up to look beaut in Facebook photos, or feel great about ourselves.

And some of us quite honestly just want to get pissed, sweaty and ugly.

we don’t care

I mean, who would choose to ditch getting unattractively drunk and slut dropping for lurking about a club desperately on the prowl? Who would swap genuinely having a good time with your mates for keeping one eye on your phone and one eye on the talent? I know what I’d rather do.

Besides, getting off with someone all night in the corner or leaving early to slope back to someone’s grotty student house is nowhere near as fun as having shots and clambering into McDonalds on the way home with your squad.

we love an ugly takeaway selfie

But yes, there are those sad people that get into a relationship and claim clubbing is “pointless” from then on. I concede these bores do exist. 

These people are boring, and they’re in denial. They’re talking shit to defend how stagnant their own relationships are.

You can easily still go out for the social and fun element of clubbing. It is possible to have a good night without swapping salvia, surprisingly.

You should want to be going out and getting pissed with your mates, you’re at uni. You have plenty of time when you’re graduated and boring to spend Saturday night home with bae catching up on Poldark.

Let’s face the facts, you must be in pretty shit company if all your doing is prowling round Superbull giving every Tom, Dick and Harry “the eye”.

Fair play and good on you if you pull, but why focus your every night out on it? Just chill out and have a good time, yeah?

Not all singletons are desperate and horny all the time, so don’t put them all in the same boat.

The majority of us just want to have a bloody good night.