Tab poll results: Nearly half of us are voting Labour tomorrow

Hell yes we’re tough enough

Lincoln is staying true to form and joining The Tab in backing Ed Miliband for Prime Minister.

A whopping 44 per cent are hoping Labour will swoop into Number 10 after tomorrow’s General Election.

The Tories are left trailing behind in second, with just over a quarter admitting they’re voting for Cameron.

Natalie Bennett’s Greens take third place, with just eight per cent share of the votes, only a sliver above the undecided voters at seven per cent.

Lib Dems come off worst in our survey, with only two per cent of Lincoln students ready to give apologetic Nick Clegg a second chance.

That pitiful share trails behind the apathetic non voters (three per cent) and UKIP.

Farage’s purple party is the favourite for six per cent of Lincoln voters.

The division runs deep across age barriers. Labour is the fave for first and third years, while second years and post-grads are team Dave.