Accio Weasley! People actually believed Rupert Grint was in Lincoln on Friday

Spoiler alert: He wasn’t

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Gullible students in Lincoln were left devastated when it emerged rumours of Ron Weasley magically appearing in Lincoln were false. 

Yik Yak, Twitter, and Facebook were alight with speculation on whether the Harry Potter star was actually present in an evening cinema screening at the Odeon on Friday night.

our yak feeds were clogged

Journalism third year Lauren Chick fell for the gag hook line and sinker, tweeting excitedly:

Lauren told us: “I thought it was really funny that people actually fell for it.

“Apparently some people dressed up as wizards and went looking for him, it was hilarious.”

We hope we haven’t let you down

Others laughed at some unfortunate students who had even gone to stand outside the cinema dressed as witches and wizards.