‘I had a right nightmare’: Second year loses essay to the deadly clutches of Brayford Pool

It happened six minutes before deadline

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Business and Management student Amy Barlow was left devastated last week after losing her essay to the depths of the Brayford Pool, just SIX MINUTES before final deadline.

The hapless second year was footsteps away from the Business and Law building she was due to deliver her work to when it happened.

Amy explains: “It was six minutes before deadline and the train lines came down, it was really windy so I had tight grip of my work.

“But then a big gust of wind came and blew the papers everywhere”.

The scene of the event 

As soon as Amy realised what was happening she didn’t give a second thought to her dignity and manically chased the papers, still holding on to the hope she could get it in on time and not wanting to risk the 10% penalty of a late hand in.

Devastated Amy said: “I did try and chase the paper but only managed to get two of them, the rest blew into the Brayford.

“I couldn’t believe it. People were just staring at me, someone even posted it on Yik Yak.

“I had a right nightmare.”

A reconstruction of the chilling events

Amy had fought a hangover and spent the morning making adjustments to the essay – worth a massive 50% of her module grade.

“I managed to stumble to the library and print off the work which you would think would have been the main struggle but little did I realise the worst was still to come.”

Thankfully Amy still managed to hand her work in just in time after frantically running to the library to reprint another copy. “I was just thankful I didn’t have to explain myself with an excuse that sounded way too fake to be true,” she explained.