Tower Bar pulls Orderella offer after massive demand

Some were getting meals for as little as 10p

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Tower Bar has pulled their Orderella offer after hordes of students were grabbing lunch for as little as 10p for a full meal.

The Orderella app offered students £6 off a full meal.

The app enables people to order drinks and food from their tables and pay via Paypal.

Once word got out, the demand for discounted food spiralled out of control- leaving the bar heaving and waiting times up to an hour and a half.

All this for 60p

Some were going to Lincoln’s SU bar every night for dinner, claiming it was more cost-effective than cooking at home.

Staff struggled to keep up with the high volume of orders and the limit on the popular app was soon reached.

Business Studies student Alice Wakefield said: “It was absolutely packed every time you went in. Sometimes I’d just walk straight back out.

“Every table was taken and everyone was discussing Orderella on Yik-Yak.”

actually managing to get a seat.

The Tower Bar wrote on their Facebook page: “Due to the overwhelming response to the Paypal offer via Orderella, we’ve smashed their budget.”

However, the SU have managed to strike a deal that let’s customers have six pound off their third order.

That wasn’t enough for some skint students though- with everyone on campus praying the order will come back to save us from both empty bank accounts and bellies in the future.

the message nobody wanted to see

Journalism student Kristina Curtis said: “It was ridiculously cheap- we were getting meals for 60p. Me and my flat went for tea there for 3 days straight.

“We’re gutted the deal is off.”