Lincolnshire is the fourth poorest area in Europe

And don’t we know it

As students, you’re probably delving deep into your overdraft or carefully protecting those pennies as best as you can.

So, if it’s any consolation, figures released by data compilers Eurostat have shown that Lincolnshire is infact the fourth poorest area in the whole of Northern Europe.

The data showed the UK has the single richest region, Inner London, as well as nine of the ten poorest regions in Northern Europe.

Sitting behind West Wales, Cornwall and Durham/Tees Valley, we’re not quite the worst off.

But the figures indicate that in Lincolnshire and Durham, people are living on less than £16,500 a year.

Though to all of the students reading this, the thought of living on £16,500 a year sounds quite appealing, but when you consider these figures put the county in the same bracket as many poorer European countries, it sounds a little more depressing.

East Yorkshire & North Lincolnshire can also be found at #10 in the list of the poor.

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