Hooded men raid house on West Parade

It happened last month and police are still appealing for information

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A student house in West Parade, Lincoln, was raided last month by two hooded men who came face to face with a student and her boyfriend.

The men stole a digital camera, two lenses, three flashguns and two Applemac Pro Computers.

Other students living in the house, including Elizabeth Murphy and Katie Williams, both 21, didn’t discover they had been robbed until returning from a night out in the early hours of the morning.

West Parade, where the burglary took place last month

Not only has the whole event been extremely traumatic for the girls, but as their laptops were taken they consequently have to redo work they had saved onto it.

Elizabeth, a Lens media student now has to start her coursework again and borrow media equipment.

She told the Lincolnshire Echo: “Four of us were out at the time but the other two girls that live here were in their rooms.

“They feel very shaken up by it.

“Normally, even if we’re in, we lock the front door but for some reason it just happened to be unlocked.”

Katie, who does Psychology, had 500 words of her dreaded dissertation saved on her mac that she will never get back.

The heartless theives also stole family jewellery that had been passed down from Kate’s grandmother – including a gold heart-shaped locket and a gold cross with the initials ‘O.B.’.

The distraught students reported the incident on the February 7.

Our crime stats revealed last week that residents of West Parade only reported seven crimes in 2014, and the coppers weren’t needed for five months.

Police are still urging people to come forward if they have any information.