Portland Street is the most dangerous road to live on in Lincoln

Monks Road isn’t much better

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If you live on Portland Street you may as well pop your valuables outside your front door to save someone smashing your windows to get them.

Crime is highest in the High street area, with Portland Street reporting a grand total of 45 crimes in 2014, racking up a whopping eight crimes in November alone.

Seven crimes were reported in two other months over the year, making Portland the riskiest student residential area with an average of 4.5 crimes per month.

Second year Psychology student and Portland Street resident Samantha Webster says: “I do feel safe on my road, however only because I’m at the top. If I was any further down I would honestly be scared for my life”.

A few doors down from Samantha a student house was burgled a few months ago, showing how easily it is to live in denial until something happens close to home.

“As soon as I get off the main road I pick up my pace and hope no-one’s chasing me” Sammi told us.

Residents of West Parade only reported seven crimes in 2014, and the coppers weren’t needed for five months.

However 31 crimes were committed just round the corner on Carholme Road with at least one crime reported per month.

Severn Street didn’t do much better, with 17 crimes taking place across the year and only managing to stay crime free for one month.

Wonderful Severn Street

Monks Road came close to last with an impressive 22 crimes over 2014, not managing to stay crime free for a single month.

If you reside in the West End area your chances of a run in with crime falls dramatically.

Newland Street West had only three crimes throughout 2014 and Charles Street West only had one more with four crimes reported last year.

Combined, Newland Street West and Charles Street West had five months completely crime free.

Pretty safe- Charles Street West

Kate Duggan Forensic Science student and resident of Charles Street West, supposedly one of the safest streets, tells us how having the police come knocking warning her about a break-in down her street shocked her.

“You can never be too careful” says Kate.