Do people really care about theme nights?

Let’s be honest

clubbing drunk Students studying theme nights

Pyjama parties, animal parties, toga parties or anything else as equally as silly are just some of the themes we’ve witnessed on a night out.

Fair enough clubs like to throw everything at their guests, understandably for entertainment so that people don’t get bored of the clubs, but realistically, as students, do we really care?

As long it’s pretty cheap and you’ve thrown a couple of jager/tequila/whatever bombs down your neck to get you suitably hammered, theme nights largely irrelevant.

When you’re sat in the library, racing towards the finish line after a gruelling and tiresome handful of days trying to reach the ultimate deadline of 2000 words, complete with bibliography and all the rest, you’re probably thinking about how you’re going to unwind.

To treat myself, let’s hit the town and get “on it”.

You’re not racking your brains trying to remember if you carted your embarassing giraffe onesie down to university so that you can wear it for a night on the lash.

‘This paint makes everything so much more fun’


I’ll admit that I’m sounding a bit like a miserable spoilsport right now, but don’t get me wrong- it can be a laugh.

Theme nights like UV paint parties or foam parties are pretty decent, I’ll hand it to you, but they’re rather easy going.

You’ve all got a shitty t-shirt you don’t mind getting splattered by a cannon load of paint. And foam dries. It stings like a bitch, but it dries. No big deal really.

Also, if you’re a part of a social, it generally is the done thing on a Wednesday night for you all to go down on a night out looking like idiots, but it’s all for a good cause… because you look like idiots together.

And the chances are you’re solid Rugby lads, so who’s gonna question it, really?

But you only have to look at Lincoln’s best clubbers on The Lincoln Tab to notice, there’s always that ONE guy in the group who puts in so much effort – but his friends thought it’d be funny not to let him in on the joke. They’re not really¬†dressing up.

You seriously don’t want to be that guy. The only guy that actually cares about theme nights. The guy that tries.

Theme nights are a fun little novelty and maybe they do drag the odd few people out of their bedrooms on occasions. Primarily though, students just want to have a good time and keep things simple Рgo out actually looking presentable, get drunk, suffer a bit of a hangover. Rinse and repeat, do it again.

That’s what we care about.